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AOTBM Podcast – 44 – Hercules in New York

This weeks epic adventure takes us the early 70’s New York where Arnold, with a dubbed in voice, does his best Hercules impersonation.  So enjoy!

AOTBM Podcast – 43 – Night of the Living Dead

In this episode I go over one of, if not the greatest Zombie film ever, Night of the Living Dead.  After 50 years it still holds up as one of the greatest movies ever.  

AOTBM Podcast – 42 – Lifeforce

Sorry about missing last week, my birthday was last Sunday and I was a bit busy and buzzed.  So anyway for today I give you Lifeforce, starring Patrick Stewart and space vampires  

AOTBM Podcast – 41 – Hardware

This weeks offering is the 1990 British/American Post Apocalyptic sci-fi Horror movie Hardware. Inspired by the short story “Shok!” that was published in the English mag 2000 AD and starring Dylan McDermott. It tells the touching story

AOTBM Podcast – 40 – The Hidden

In this episode I discuss the 1987 cult classic The Hidden. Starring Kyle Maclachlan of Twin Peaks fame and a really slimy alien parasite its another take on the body snatching idea, and a rather good one

AOTBM Podcast – 39 – Gamera

What happens when you make a succesful film about a giant T-Rex looking guy in a rubber suit?  People start to imitate, so when Godzilla broke how could they not make a film about a giant flying

AOTBM Podcast – 38 – Warrior of the Lost World

In this episode I talk about the 1983 film, Warrior of the Lost World. A post apocalyptic movie where The Paper Chases Robert Ginty needs to rescue Persis Khambatta’s Jimmy Carter look a like father from an

AOTBM Podcast – 37 – Highway to Hell

In this 1991 B-Movie Kristy Swanson plays a soon to be bride kidnapped by a cop from hell and brought to hell it self, her boyfriend goes to get her back and finds a strange alternate world

AOTBM Podcast – 36 – Repo Man

In this Emilo Esteves punk rock sci fi classic he becomes…..a repo man, then finds that the job is more interesting than he ever thought

AOTBM Podcast – 35 – Starcrash

In this episode I discuss a classic space opera from the late 70’s, no not Star Wars, Starcrash. By classic I mean cult classic, anyway it stars the Hoff so enjoy!
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