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AOTBM Podcast – 23 – zombie nightmare

What happens when you make a Batman movie without Adam West? He stars in movies like Zombie Nightmare. Also starring Tia Carrere and Jon Mikl Thor, this is a heartwarming and touching story of a man that

AOTBM Podcast – 22 – Hellraiser

in another one of my favorites we meet Pinhead and his merry gang of Cenobites! The movie had one of the most unique ideas I remember seeing in a horror movie at the time. This is another

AOTBM Podcast – 21 – Puppetmaster

This time we visit late 80’s California to learn how to become, a Puppetmaster. This another one of my all time favorite films so I hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!

AOTBM Podcast – 20 – They Live

In this late 80’s classic, Roddy piper engages in one of the longest and greatest street fights ever. Join me while I put on my glasses and tell you all about it!    

AOTBM Podcast – 19 – the fly

In this episode we go over one of the best sci-fi horror movies of the 80’s. The Fly. Starring Jeff Goldblum as himself along with Geena Davis this remake still holds up today both on the gore

AOTBM Podcast – 18 – Halloween 3 season of the witch

This episode is about a sequel….that has absolutely nothing to do with the first two movies! Enjoy!  

AOTBM Podcast – 17 – Triology of Terror

In this episode I talk about what many considered one of the scariest made for TV movies ever, and not because it sucked! So enjoy but beware as we talk about Trilogy of Terror!  

AOTBM Podcast – 16 – Phantasm

This episode I tell you about the little known classic, Phantasm. Another of my favs so enjoy!  

AOTBM Podcast – 15 – Evil Dead

Possibly Johnny’s favorite horror movie of all time, Evil Dead’s influence can still be seen throughout the industry, Enjoy!

AOTBM Podcast – 14 – Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Another of Johnny’s favorites, Killer Klowns is a cult classic that has some impressive practical effects and has a pretty solid rating on some of the popular movie sites, so take a listen then watch and enjoy!