Monthly Archive:: April 2018

AOTBM Podcast – 37 – Highway to Hell

In this 1991 B-Movie Kristy Swanson plays a soon to be bride kidnapped by a cop from hell and brought to hell it self, her boyfriend goes to get her back and finds a strange alternate world

AOTBM Podcast – 36 – Repo Man

In this Emilo Esteves punk rock sci fi classic he becomes…..a repo man, then finds that the job is more interesting than he ever thought

AOTBM Podcast – 35 – Starcrash

In this episode I discuss a classic space opera from the late 70’s, no not Star Wars, Starcrash. By classic I mean cult classic, anyway it stars the Hoff so enjoy!

AOTBM Podcast – 34 – The Final Sacrifice

in  this triumph return episode recorded on national beer day, Johnny tells us a bit about the 1990 Canadian film, The Final Sacrifice!\
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