Things You Might Not Know About – Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren.  Again, much like Rutger Hauer what is there to say?  The guys played in A list movies and B list and really is kind of awesome, so here’s some things you might not know about Dolph Lundgren.

Originally was going to follow in his fathers footsteps and become an Engineer.  After finishing his military service (required in Sweden) he pursued it at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

He was actually in the military when he fell in love with Martial Arts, which would help propel him to fame.


well, maybe this isn’t the Swedish military but you get the point

In a mere five years, Dolph would become a World Class competitor in Japenese Karate, which would grow to be a larger part of his life.

He spent time studying in the US amongst other places, he was even offered a scholarship to complete his masters in chemical engineering at the the University of Sydney, you know, the one in Australia.

While his first major role was in James Bond A View to a Kill, his most famous role was in Rocky V, Playing the Russian Ivan Drago who would kill Rocky’s friend, Apollo Creed.  He would ultimately be defeated by Rocky.

Throughout the 80’s, after Rocky V, he would make a slew of fun to watch action films, but one of the most memorable was in Universal Soldier, where he would battle another Icon, Jean Claude Van Damme.

Not only did he play He-Man in the Masters of the Universe movie, he was the first actor cast.

While he can speak multiple languages and act, he also plays the drums a bit.

And last but not least, one of the coolest things, he actually runs his own personal website for his fans.

Those are just a few things that I found out about the man that has played everything from The Punisher to a weird futuristic murdering street preacher, but all of this little facts also highlight the fact that he is a pretty cool guy that actually cares about his fans.  Hope you learned something new as well.



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