Things You Might Not Know About – Rutger Hauer

Ah Rutger Hauer, I have fond memories of watching many of the B-Movies starring him, he made some great ones, but here are some things you might not know about him.  Enjoy!

For some reason, a lot of people believe he’s German, in fact he was born Breukelen, Netherlands and was the son of two established actors, Teunke and Arend Hauer.

Rutger’s grandfather was the captain of a schooner, at age 15, after being a bit of a rebel and not doing well in school he ran away to become a sailor and worked on a freighter.  He planned on being a sailor, but like his great grandfather he is color blind and was not able to continue being a sailor, most likely due to the amount of different colored flags that are used to represent different condition on ships.  He still enjoys sailing to this day.

Before becoming an actor and after a stint trying to be a poet, he joined the Dutch Navy.  He ended up not being too fond of military life and convinced his superiors that he was mentally unfit.  He was moved from active duty to a home for psych patients, while there he was able to convince the navy that he was not needed and was eventually discharged.  Talk about acting!

In 1995 the Dutch Mail Service put him on a stamp, it was a scene from his 1973 film Turkish Delight.

Was offered the lead role in the 1981 classic Das Boat, but passed it up to play the character he is most known for, Roy Batty, the replicant in the 1982 Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk classic (and one of this writers favorite films of all time) Bladerunner.

Has the nickname The Dutch Paul Newman

While most people believe that his first role was in Bladerunner, he had been acting for over a decade and was also known for Turkish Delight and a slew of Dutch TV shows.

In the 80’s and early 90’s he was the face of Guinness in the UK.  Oddly enough he didn’t like the classic beer (one of my favorites) and would spit it out after each take.  Of course even with that fact he is credited with increasing sales of Guinness and it helped make him mainstream in the UK.

And last but certainly not least, while filming The Hitcher, he did all of his own stunt driving.

So that’s it, hopefully there are somethings you didn’t know about Rutger.  To be fair, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to facts about him.  While I was researching these I had an astonishing amount of these to choose from and sort through.  These were the ones I found to be the most interesting.  So I hope you enjoyed reading and if you like it share it!




2 thoughts on “Things You Might Not Know About – Rutger Hauer

  1. Well, I’m a little “Batty ” about Rutger Hauer at the moment & I think he’s a fabulous actor. The Hitcher is my fave 80s movie and my fave Rutger Classic. He was a very handsome man and although I think many women liked his young boy look in Turk Fruit, I prefer older Rutger from the eighties onwards, even acting wise. He just excelled in Bladerunner also. Rutger perhaps didn’t get the amazing A rated movies he deserved to be in and that’s sad, he’s a far superior actor than a lot of Hollywood types, and to be honest I prefer him over Harrison Ford!

  2. I completely agree with your assessment, While he never achieved that A List acclaim, like you said, he could act pretty damned good. When I discuss his acting ability with people, other than Bladerunner I also like to recommend Fatherland, I thought he was pretty good in that and the movie wasn’t bad either. Thanks for reading!

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