B-Movie Queens – Faith Domergue

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1924 Faith Domergue would soon move to California with her family and before she knew, it she would become one of the most famous Scream Queens of the 1950’s.  There’s a bit more to it than that, but really, we’re here to read about the Faith Domergue we all watched in numerous Sci-Fi, Western and Horror movies.  So without further Ado…..

While in California she would take piano and singing lessons while finishing school.  She was still in high school when Warner Bros. caught wind of her and offered her a contract.  She was allowed to finish high school and then she began training as an actress.  It was during this time with Warner that she would meet her husband, Hugo Fregonese, and in 1947 they would be married.

Faith and Hugo

Faith would never make a film for Warner Bros., she was noticed by Howard Hughes, then owner of RKO Pictures and received a new contract from him to join RKO.  Soon after, in 1947 filming began on her first picture, Vendetta.  Sadly, Vendetta was a disaster in multiple ways, production was so bad with mishaps, firings and hirings that the movie didn’t come out until 1950.  by the time filming wrapped in 1947 she decided that she had enough of Hollywood and left the movies and the country with her husband.

While abroad she had a daughter and decided to return to the movies.  She spoke with Howard Hughes who agreed to give her another contract and she went to work filming Where Danger Lives.  While many today consider Where Danger Lives a must see of Faiths, at the time the movie was far from a box office success.  She decided that after two less than spectacular films with Hughes, it was time to move on.  She spoke to Hughes and he agreed to end her contract.  She was soon under contract to Universal and in 1952 starred in The Duel at Silver Creek.

The Duel at Silver Creek really did kick start her career.  Throughout the 50’s she starred in some memorable movies, some that we consider B-Movies, such as one of my favorites, This Island Earth, Cult of the Cobra, The Atomic Man and It came from Beneath the sea.

Faith and the boys from This Island Earth

Her resume continued to grow, partially because during the filming of The Cult of the Cobra she would end up divorced, being a single mother of two she needed to keep up working, which she did.  Eventually she would remarry, in 1966, she would slow her movie career a bit but did a whole lot of TV guest spots and plenty of popular shows from Perry Mason to 77 Sunset Strip.  Her last major film was the 1974 horror film, The House of Seven Corpses.  She would appear one last time in the Italian film, Amore grande, amore libero in 1976 then she retired from acting.

As far as I’ve been able to find out, she had a normal existence, until she passed away at 74 after fighting cancer.  To me, well, I’ll always remember her from This Island Earth, a movie I consider a sci-fi classic but was b-movie enough to qualify as the movie in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie.

but I’m not an alien!



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