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B-Movie Queens – Barbara Crampton

For this edition of B-Movie Queens, we are featuring the legendary Barbara Crampton.  Born in Long Island, New York in 1958 she would experience a pretty eclectic childhood.  While she was born in Long Island, she would move

Things You Might Not Know About…….Albert Pyun

For this edition of Thing You Might Not Know About we are featuring American director and writer Albert Pyun.  Born in Hawaii in 1953, Pyun has been making films since the 80’s and has over 50 directing credits and

B-Movie Pioneers – John Carpenter

For this B-Movie Pioneers we will be focusing on the great John Carpenter.  John Carpenter is  one of the most successful and influential horror and sci-fi filmmakers of all time.  Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he would

AOTBM Podcast – Episode 02 – Space Mutiny

The latest podcast episode is up! Enjoy!

B-Movie Queens – Faith Domergue

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1924 Faith Domergue would soon move to California with her family and before she knew, it she would become one of the most famous Scream Queens of the 1950’s.  There’s a

Things all B-Movies Share

So I was watching a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, one that featured the David Winters film Space Mutiny, and as I listened to the MST boys I thought about some of the things most B-Movies seem

Things You Might Not Know About…….Ted Rami

Many of us know who Ted Rami is or at least we know at the minimum that he is Sam Rami’s brother, but are there things about Ted that you didn’t know?  Let’s find out! He Attended

B-Movie Pioneers – Roger Corman

In this edition of B-Movie Pioneers I am going introduce you to “The Pope of Pop Cinema” producer, actor and director Roger Corman.  One of the biggest things he’s known for are his low budget cult films based on famous Edgar Allen

B-Movie Queens – Sybil Danning

So I’ve been trying to introduce more segments on the site so I have some direction and so I can make sure to get you guys consistent content.  So for this segment I, B-Movie Queens, I will

The Attack of the B-Movies Podcast – Brain Twisters

Our first Podcast episode is up!  Enjoy and if you like it please share it!  
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