AOTBM Podcast – 42 – Lifeforce

Sorry about missing last week, my birthday was last Sunday and I was a bit busy and buzzed.  So anyway for today I give you Lifeforce, starring Patrick Stewart and space vampires  

AOTBM Podcast – 41 – Hardware

This weeks offering is the 1990 British/American Post Apocalyptic sci-fi Horror movie Hardware. Inspired by the short story “Shok!” that was published in the English mag 2000 AD and starring Dylan McDermott. It tells the touching story

AOTBM Podcast – 40 – The Hidden

In this episode I discuss the 1987 cult classic The Hidden. Starring Kyle Maclachlan of Twin Peaks fame and a really slimy alien parasite its another take on the body snatching idea, and a rather good one

AOTBM Podcast – 39 – Gamera

What happens when you make a succesful film about a giant T-Rex looking guy in a rubber suit?  People start to imitate, so when Godzilla broke how could they not make a film about a giant flying

AOTBM Podcast – 38 – Warrior of the Lost World

In this episode I talk about the 1983 film, Warrior of the Lost World. A post apocalyptic movie where The Paper Chases Robert Ginty needs to rescue Persis Khambatta’s Jimmy Carter look a like father from an

AOTBM Podcast – 37 – Highway to Hell

In this 1991 B-Movie Kristy Swanson plays a soon to be bride kidnapped by a cop from hell and brought to hell it self, her boyfriend goes to get her back and finds a strange alternate world

AOTBM Podcast – 36 – Repo Man

In this Emilo Esteves punk rock sci fi classic he becomes…..a repo man, then finds that the job is more interesting than he ever thought

AOTBM Podcast – 35 – Starcrash

In this episode I discuss a classic space opera from the late 70’s, no not Star Wars, Starcrash. By classic I mean cult classic, anyway it stars the Hoff so enjoy!

AOTBM Podcast – 34 – The Final Sacrifice

in  this triumph return episode recorded on national beer day, Johnny tells us a bit about the 1990 Canadian film, The Final Sacrifice!\

AOTBM Podcast – 33 – The Gate

This time around I talk about a movie that proves why you shouldn’t trust your kids at home for a weekend alone, they just might open a gate to hell! Starring a young stephen Dorff, this movie
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